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With over 25 years of debt negotiation experience, Carl is your trusted Phoenix debt attorney. Don’t handle the debt collectors on your own, Carl has decades of experience negotiating with your creditors to help settle your debts and understand the collection laws that apply to your unique situation.

Debt problems can be caused for several of reasons – whether it’s credit cards, taxes, lawsuits, personal loans, student loans or medical bills, we take away the pain and confusion of your debt problems. We leverage our experience dealing with your creditors to create customized solutions involving payment plans, different types of lump-sum payments, or debt reduction negotiations.

We work tirelessly to help you gain the peace of mind that you deserve. Carl has worked his entire career to save hundreds of clients millions of dollars by skillfully using negotiation tactics with the toughest creditors. Reach out today to schedule your free consultation with our debt collection expert, Attorney Carl Retter now and get the debt relief that you deserve.

The Phoenix Debt Settlement Lawyer You Deserve

As we begin the debt settlement process with you, we will first provide legal advice to assist you in determining what your best options would be. Each case is unique – we ensure that we take the time to understand every factor involved such as the total amount of debt owed, what the sources are of that debt (medical bills, student loans, lawsuits, personal loans, etc.), and how much income you have to offset your debts.

We then come up with a strategic debt relief plan and use our experiences to assist with every aspect of debt negotiation or resolution including debt settlement, Fair Debt Collection Practices Violations, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Litigation Defense, and Bankruptcy. Fees for such debt negotiation services vary depending on the number of creditors and the complexity of the negotiations but all rates are competitive and fair to our clients. We prefer to provide debt negotiation services to our clients for a simple flat fee so that we can be as transparent as possible when dealing with your Phoenix debt settlement case.

Stop letting debt collectors impact your daily life – it’s time to take control of your debt negotiations with a free consultation with Carl Retter. You can click here to schedule your initial consultation now!

When Do You Need Help with Your Debt Issues?

It’s unfortunate that so many companies out there that prey on individuals who are dealing with some of the most stressful situations of their lives – getting out of debt and dealing with the overwhelming different types of debt, whether that’s credit card or expensive medical bills. It’s especially prevalent on Phoenix radio advertisements and late-night infomercials. A large majority of these ads promise an easy way to eliminate all of your debt and to do it all with minimal effort.

Whether they’re discussing ways to reduce or eliminate your debt with consolidation or debt settlement, it’s frustrating to watch people get taken advantage of when they are dealing with worrying about their financial future of themselves and their families. That’s where Phoenix debt attorney Carl Retter comes in.

Carl has been an experienced attorney helping countless clients deal with their debt negotiation issues. When financial difficulties become legal difficulties, Carl is here to help fight with you against debt collectors. Our firm starts off with a free consultation to help you make an informed decision that could help with:

• Negotiating a large reduction in what the creditors are claiming that you owe them
• Negotiating the outstanding balances to reduce large interest payments
• Avoiding foreclosure issues
• Avoiding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy
• Get the collection companies harassing phone calls and letters to stop

We work with you to help settle your unsecured debt, credit card debt, private student loan debt, personal loans, SBA loans, and IRS tax debt. Reach out now if you are interested to learn more so that we can get started today to get your family out of debt for good.

Your debt issues didn’t happen overnight and getting out of this difficult situation isn’t an overnight process as well. We make a debt settlement program that works for you as our expert debt attorney works to negotiate for huge reductions in the principal of your debt, the accumulated interest, and any associated late fees so that your overall debt is greatly reduced. Stop the minimum payments, the outrageously-high interest rates, and start fixing the root of the problem to get the fresh start that you and your family deserve.

How Long Will the Debt Negotiation Process Take?

Typically, when we deal with clients dealing with debt negotiation issues, their collectors tell them that if they make minimumpayments month-to-month it will take 15+ years to be completely debt free with the current interest rates. This isn’t an actual solution for real families dealing with hard times, instead it’s a sentence for 15+ years of stress and financial insecurities. When you work with our expert Phoenix debt attorney, Carl Retter, we focus on significant debt reductions thathelp our clients get out of debt in the 6 to 36 months range instead. This is possible when the principal, interest rates, and any associated fees are negotiated to be more in favor of our clients. Get your financial life back in order today and learn how we can help fix your debt issues. Instead of facing down 15+ years of debt collectors harassing you, we set up an easy to follow plan that will bring peace of mind to yourself and your family.

It’s a common mistake, mostly due to the high marketing budgets of the debt settlement companies, that a Phoenix debt attorney will be more costly than using their services. Not only are debt attorneys less expensive, but they also get you much better results in terms of real dollars saved in your pocket.

Take back your financial security and future now and let us help. The worst thing that you could do for yourself and your family is to have no plan to deal with your debt issues. Reach out today to speak to Carl and get your free debt consolidation consultation to learn about what your best options are moving forward.

Will Debt Negotiation Help Your Specific Situation?

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Each debt settlement situation is unique and yours is no different. What are some important things to consider before deciding to move forward to get your finances back on track? If you have been not able to keep up with the minimum payments and the stressful difficulties of high interest that keep accumulating, debt settlement can work to alleviate that debt by creating a savings plan and negotiating with your creditors to move forward with a payment plan for a reduced amount.

Typically, individuals in the Phoenix area dealing with debt negotiation cases have been experiencing difficult times financially for a variety of different reasons including, but not limited to, decreased income or no income at all due to a recession, an injury or unexpected pricey medical bills, or the loss of a loved one. Another common reason for utilizing debt settlement strategies is if a creditor threatens or has threatened to file a lawsuit to collect the payments that you owe. It’s a common practice for creditors to sell off your debt accounts to collection agencies. Collection agencies are well known for harassing, bothering, and causing severe stress. If you are concerned this will happen or if the collection agencies have already started harassing you and your family, it’s a great time to speak to a professional debt negotiator like attorney Carl Retter.

Debt settlement is an alternative option for filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is oftentimes considered more of a permanent last option, and therefore, we recommend to our clients to look into all options before choosing a last resort like bankruptcy to eliminate debt that is outstanding. Debt settlement is a much better option available for individuals who haven’t tried key strategies to resolve the outstanding balance (such as working with creditors for payment plans, working to reduce the overall balance, lower interest payments, etc).

It’s important to understand the potential downsides to debt settlement, which should always be discussed with your debt settlement attorney in further detail. This is where our expertise comes in – attorney Carl Retter has decades of experience to help you understand the common pitfalls associated with debt negotiation strategies and how you can avoid those. We’ve dealt with clients who have false misconceptions about what debt settlement involves. Some examples of what can happen if you don’t work with a professional in this space are that the missed payments and settlement may be reported on your credit reports adverse information. Additionally, the settling of debt is not meant to increase your credit score – the main goal is simply to resolve your outstanding debt so that you can remove the financial stress and pressure from creditors and collection agencies. Don’t take a chance with your financial future – only work with professionals that can help guide you through this difficult and stressful process of eliminating your credit card, medical, or other types of debt.

Phoenix Debt Attorney with the Experience to Help You!

Our law office provides help with a variety of options on how you can get out of student loan and credit card debts and how to become fully debt free by leveraging the services of a lawyer-based debt relief firm. If you have been served with a debt collection letter, with a lawsuit, or other debt collector communications, it’s key to act now to get ahead of this situation and to contact a local Phoenix debt settlement lawyer to help you determine whether your next steps may involve bankruptcy, debt settlement, or other debt-relief options that would be the most beneficial for your unique situation.

The Law Offices of Carl Retter has experience with the nuances of debt relief, including bankruptcy and debt settlement. Our attorney would be more than happy to explain the differences between debt settlement, debt consolidation, chapter 7 bankruptcy, and chapter 13 bankruptcy to work as tools to help you pursue your financial freedom and relief of stress. You can trust our local Phoenix debt attorney for the competent and professional advice and legal representation that you deserve.

Take back your financial future and don’t fall into the common traps that leave most individuals worse off – reach out to attorney Carl Retter today to discuss your options for debt negotiation. You can schedule your free consultation today to get an honest and in-depth understanding of what the best next steps would be for yourself and your family. Simply click on the contact link here or you can give us a call at 602-558-5954 or email us at [email protected] When scheduling your free consultation, be sure to have prepared all recent collections letters, statements of a bill that’s due (whether that’s from student loans, medical debt, or credit card debt) so that we can review the whole comprehensive picture of what’s going on.

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