Immigration Law

Carl R. Retter, Esq. is an immigration attorney based in Phoenix, AZ who is dedicated to helping clients find a way to fight for their rights under immigration law. Retter provides legal services to clients from Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler as well as the Phoenix surrounding area to insure that immigrants retain the rights and entitlements they deserve.

Our Practice

Retter has over 25 years of legal experience in the Phoenix area. He understands that each case he deals with is different, and has unique nuances that require thorough investigation. Reliable communication between attorney and client is very important to Retter and his staff. He makes a point to speak directly with his clients, allowing him to be fully invested in each case.

Throughout his career many immigrants have been able to successfully fight for their rights, and seek damages when they are violated. Not all immigration law cases can be solved exactly the same way, so Retter works with you to figure out which option and strategy works best in your situation.

Fighting for my Rights under Immigration Law

There are many elements to immigration law that can make fighting for your rights as an immigrant difficult in court. However, Retter has the staff, focus and resources to fight notario fraud and immigration fraud successfully. His dedication to fighting the exploitation of immigrants’ rights makes him a trusted name among immigrants going to court for these issues.

If you are looking for more information on immigration rights or other legal issues that you may be facing, contact the Law Offices at Carl Retter at 480-766-3777. Retter, Phoenix, AZ immigration law attorney, can help you find the help you need to fight for your rights. Find out more information about our legal services by browsing our website here.