Car Accident Do’s and Don’ts


DO call the police. NO EXCEPTIONS.

DON’T move your vehicle unless it is a hazard to other motorists.

DO get the name and insurance information of any other drivers and contact information for any witnesses.

DO take photographs of all vehicles and drivers involved and the accident scene. Make notes of any statements given by others involved in the accident regarding how the accident occurred.

DO tell the investigating officer if you think the other driver may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or distracted with their cell phone.

DO consult with an attorney if you have been injured.

DON’T give a recorded statement. If your insurance representative requests one, tell them you will cooperate after you retain an attorney.

DO get prompt medical attention for any injuries from the accident, or for any discomfort or pain that showed up later. Just because you don’t feel injured at the scene doesn’t mean you weren’t injured.

DO keep your medical appointments or schedule. Don’t be a “no show.”

DO keep a diary/log. Keep track of all work missed because of the accident and any medical appointments. Also keep track of all medical treatment received and how you feel physically and emotionally every day. Keep track of any important events you missed because of your injuries (i.e. travel, celebrations, etc).

DON’T discuss the accident on any social media or with anyone except the investigating officer, your doctor, your insurance representative, and your lawyer.