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Thank you for helping in solving the problem with my HOA.

C. A.

Dear Attorney,

My wife and I have read the letter you sent out to the other Lawyer. We can’t find the right word to thank you for that excellent representation you have given us in this lawsuit we are facing. It is truly a moment where we both are struggling and trying to survive our loss from that bad business experience. We have faith in your expertise and God to bring this matter to rest soon. May God’s continued blessings be with you. Thank you again


Mr. Retter,

I’ve been meaning to send this card a long time. I heard somewhere that its never too late to say, “Thank You”. So here goes….Because of your actions and compassion I was able to remain in my home of 26 years. My daughter is graduating from McClintock High School next week and this is the only home that she has known. Thank you and God Bless you, your family, your business, etc.

P.S. I was able to rent the home without the down payment! I followed your advice about getting rent immediately vs remodeling then renting and it worked! (what to tell Landlord)


Thank you Carl!  Your assistance has been greatly appreciated during our time of need and dire straits!


Thanks again for representing me and all of the hard work, effort and time you and your staff put into this.  I am glad to get closure on this!

Many Thanks,